Friday, April 24, 2009

On my way to China

Right now, I am in T1, Changi Airport waiting to board my flight at 0015. So excitied. I have spend $$$$ again. Bought a refill powder from Lancome. So what else is in my shopping list. Let me think about it.

ANyway I did went to see the Hamilton watch but they didn't have the design my boyfriend is looking at. I also went Gucci, Burberry etc.... Luckily, didn't buy anything. Oh I used my sub-card from my boyfriend for my Lancome purchase, maybe I can act "blur" when the bill arrives. Haha.

Now he is texting to other gal think I should go spend $$$ on his credit card@!!!!!!!!!

Bye..... Seeing you all in a week time....

My Daily Mood indicator

In less than 2 hours, I will be leaving the office, rushing home to pack any last minute stuff and prepare to go to the airport. At last, my long waiting China trip is here. Can't wait... Can almost smell it...
So this coming week, I will not be blogging at all. Will start updating once I return home. So see ya. Take care. Cheers.....
Opps, I haven't list out my shopping list......... Die!!!!!

Paul & Joe

I really fancy Paul & Joe stuff cos their packaging are all so beautiful. I often buy it for friend but seldom for myself. Only once I bought a refill compact foundation at one of those warehouse sales. Didn't get its casing as just trying out the products. The powder was not too bad but if you get it from departmental stores, find its price a bit steep. Simliar price or maybe a bit cheaper than Lancome. So in the end, stop using its products as I have decided to stick with Lancome powder. Even one of my girlfriend said Lancome powder not bad. Ah, I should buy it at airport's DFS, costing SGD50 about 17% discount.

Anyway I can't go this weekend as I will be away.....

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Men watch

Recently my colleague bought a Kenneth Cole watch for her brother which costs less than SGD300. Find its design not too bad except a bit too thick.

My expensive taste boyfriend is now "looking" at Hamilton's Conservation watch. Very nice but very expensive. Costs more than SGD1k after discount. He likes the one below. I think is nice but doesn't it look a bit casual for work. Hmm... Anyway the cost of it is equivalent to a laptop. Wow.

Actually for the same design, it has strip in brown colour but somehow find that something is missing or is it a bit dull..... Hmm.... Don't believe take a look. So see the difference?
Not too sure whether he will get it or not. But if he really going to, maybe should wait for GSS'2009 for further reduction. Maybe will be less than SGD1k. Haha, I am dreaming. I think SGD1k still okie. Ya this Friday I know should go airport to check out its price (not that I'm going to buy but no harm seeing right). Anyway I think this series of watch has some "green" effort on the environment but not too sure of its details.
What about Tag Heuer's watch? Are they better?? My boyfriend said not true and I have no idea. Never really fancy its watch. Always prefer Rolex, at least got pawn value. ;P So what watch will you prefer???

50Years FJ Benjamin

Green Effort

Thinking of getting this bag but actually I have quite a number of them on hand but of course so so only la. Still usable but not nice looking. Anyway shouldn't be wasteful. The main purpose for this "GREEN" bag is to recycle, reuse, right!!!
Sometimes I am quite disappointed with people. Even though nowadays a lot of people bring shopping bags while shopping at supermarkets, they still use lots of plastic bag for their purchases. Then they put them in their shopping bags. Are this "green" efforts??? Or just own convenience action. All these are really KS behaviour. Another instance, when the cashier saw I got a shopping bag, she still put my purchases in a plastic bag instead of placing them in my shopping bag. Sigh. Think the employee should be educated. Or it could be maybe the cashier thought I am just like some customers that I have mentioned earlier still wants tons of plastic bags even when they bought their own shopping bags. Why can't people learn, take own initiative. Don't be so selfish. Anyway long term wise it is also to our own benefits. Or maybe our future generation. At least they will still get to see the world.
I really hope people will just do their own parts. I will continue to be as green as I can. To continue and spread my belief to others and hope they can also carry out their own "green" efforts. Cheers.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Iconic Eyes by Dior

New rinsable mascara by Dior. Sound interesting plus it does not need any eye makeup remover. Suitable for lazy gal like me. Want to give it a try??? Hmm.....

Maybe not. Think the price for it will be around SGD30 or more. Don't think will spend that much for a makeup item especially eye makeup which I will seldom use. Anyway I am actually not really a makeup person. Not that I don't makeup but I am just not too particular with it thus not very willing to pay high prices for them.

My normal makeup routine is apply compact powder, fill my eye bow, curl my eye lashes, brusher and lip gloss and I am ready to go. Sometimes when I get too lazy I don't apply a single makeup except skin care or will just skip certain step(s). Haha. Of course, if I am out on a date, I will at least apply my normal day makeup routine, plus maybe some eye makeup. Maybe that's why it took me years to finish them esp my eye makeup or when I want to use them, they become a bit spoilt. Think left there for too long. ;P Anyway my budget for each eye makeup is usually less than SGD20. Cheapskate right? Ah.

Recently trying to learn how to apply liquid eye liner but soso only la. Will really like to learn the techniques for eye makeup but usually have to buy items from the bigger cosmetic brands then can ask them to teach you how to apply but their eye makeup products are way out of my budget.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Metro Sales

Metro is going to have 20% storewide sale on 24 to 26 April 2009.

From 10am to 11pm.

So better get ready your shopping list.

Recycle iPod

My boyfriend recently passed me his iPod to use because most of the time he is using or playing with his PSP. As I am "aiming" for Creative Zen X-Fi for my next mp3, he said since I don't mind such a small screen as well take his iPod (screen is 2.5" same as Creative Zen X-Fi). Disadvantage of iPod is that it doesn't has radio function, more bulk and no build-in speaker. But it is FREE!!!! Better don't comment too much. Anyway last week I accidentally drop it. Ah. Bad luck. Think after my China trip may have to send for repair. Don't know how much it is going to cost. *Sigh*.

My Current Mood indicator

Currently, I am really very upset with one of my family member. Think he disregard me or my other family members as his family.
He is ultimate self center, selfish, full of himself human being. His mind is totally clogged!
I am thinking of renting my own room as I no longer feel secure in my current own place. However, I still need to make contribute to my household fund. In dilemma, what to do next. I don't have a place to call my own home. I feel so sick, tire and hopeless. No one understands how I feel.

Free samples from Cozy Cot

I hope I got the samples!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Day tour In Singapore

No $$$ to travel, want to relax, have fun, no problem. You can always organise event or tour to explore some Singapore's places of interest that you haven't been before or haven't been there for a long time. Currently, the Singapore Tourism Board is having a on-going promotion call 2009 reasons to visit Singapore. Every month they have different discount for different places. Need more details, can check out their website,
In Feb09, free museum admissions were given so I went with my boyfriend. Haha...
Journey to the past.....

(a player for telling all the history story)

(young looking MM Lee)

(old Singapore's notes)

(coffee cups)
(satay, anyone???)
New structure

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Found a New Site for Sale of SkinCare

Very excited!!! Just found a new blog call Winkiepinkie's Beauty Corner. Features lots of skin care, makeup from Taiwan and Japan. As for prices, seems normal, not extremely cheap.

They also has on-going spree for bags such as Blue Label (its yen rate is not so good) etc.

Have not purchase any stuff from there. Maybe if something catch my eye, will try out but for the time being, no harm checking out its items.

Enjoy shopping!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hello Kitty Fanatic

My sister is really a Hello Kitty fanatic. Her room has all sort of Hello Kitty items and when MAC released its Hello Kitty range, she rush down just to get them, worrying that they will be sold out. Crazy! Furthermore the stuff are not cheap. Too much cash to spare.

However, you cannot denial the stuff really come in tip top quality and packaging.

(Items she bought, the pouch is free gift)

(Compact Pressed Powder casing cost SGD130 with only 2 sample size powder. Once finished, the casing can only be use as a mirror!)

(Lip gloss cost SGD56)

Total spending is SGD186. I don't think I will spend so much for just 2 items. Okie, you can said I am cheapskate but I rather use that sum to buy 2 skin care items. More worthwhile. Guess we have different belief.... Will you buy them????

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Daily Mood indicator

I am so TIRE!!!! After spending SGD90 and more than three hours of rebonding my hair after my work, I thought I can rest after I have my shower. Can't wait to lay down on my bed. Then at 1 o'clock in the morning, I received a call from my aunt saying my Grandma is very ill now and has warded to NUH. Asking all of us to go down to see her. Having no choice, changed and took a cab down which cost me SGD30.

As she is in ICU, so have to wait for my turn to visit her. Anyway she keeps asking us to go home as it is 2am and later we still got to work. She seems awake but tire. She has to use oxygen mask as she has difficulties in breathing.

I don't know what else to say. Life is so vulnerable, think I must make the most out of it and treasure what I have cos I don't when I can lose it anytime, anywhere.

God bless everyone and my po po.

New products, thinking of trying....

I wonder whether this really deliver what it promises. Thinking of giving it a try but scare my skin cannot take it. Cos it is very critical to remove all makeup and have a clean face before going to bed.

Has anyone try it?? Good??? Effective??? Do share with me. Thank you.

Should I try? How much is it? Headache....

Any item that i will like to try is the Eye roll from Garnier. They have Aqua Defense Hydrating (Green) and Light Brightening (yellow). I thought I remember seeing a range in black but I can't find it on net. Can't remember where I have seen it.


If my boyfriend sees this, he will surely "say" me cos he always ask me to stick to a brand that I find it good and not keeping trying new products... Ah, he doesn't understand this is my interest but quite expensive hobby.. ;P

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