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Life as a stay home mum

After giving birth to my second kid in May, I have been taking care of them as a stay home mum.  My eldest currently is still going to full day child care but things will change in 2015.  He will be going to a 3 hour kindergarten instead.  I will be much busier.  Why the sudden change!
A few reasons why my husband and I decided to change his routine.  To spend more time with my eldest and allow the kids to spend more time together.  Kids in childcare tend to get sick easily so I hope my eldest health will improve.  Also to free his time for some enrichment classes during weekdays.  Thus weekends we don't have to rush for classes so that we can have time for other outdoor activities.
However my worries is I am not able to cope with the two kids.  Hope they will cooperate and I will not get frustrate so easily.  Now the challenge starts in the evening.  Next time it will start in noon and I will be all alone with them.  Can't wait.  Lol.  
Sometimes I wonder when will I get back to…