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3D Birthday Cake

Last weekend I attended a friend's daughter 1st birthday party. Just as I have guessed she also has a 3D cake as nowadays it is a very "in" thing for the parents to buy for their toddler. Previously I attended my baby nephew's birthday party, he also got a Winnie the Pooh 3D cake (forget to take picture). The cake is really very nice and impressive. Whereas this time round the design is Strawberry Shortcake, which is as impressive as my nephew. But I wonder will they appreciate it or just the parents' idea. Anyway the cake were just soso. And you know what, it costs around two hundred plus. Really expensive! Next month will be my Godson's 1st birthday, I wonder will my girlfriend also buy him a 3D cake. As for me, I hope not next time when I have kids of my own, I will not splurge unnecessary money on them!

Hair Removal

Sometimes I really wonder whether all these permanent hair removal method, are they really effective or not. Will you give them a try. My friend who is in beauty said you have to go through a number of times before all your hairs are remove. Sometimes accidents happen too. So I really don't dare to give it a try. Is waxing a better choice? I really don't know. Really envy girls who are hairless and smooth skin.....

My Exercise Attire

How do I look in my new exercise attire? Not very ugly, right. Today I went walking again, walked 4.9km. Now dead tire. Today at my friend's place thus can do my blog. Have a great weekend. Cheers.

Beach Walkathon on 27 June 09

For the whole afternoon, I have been thinking whether should I go for this walkathon. You know there is not much walkathon event, usually is marathon, which I will not go as I don't like to run. But walking, I don't mind. I love walking. Last Saturday I went walking again but this time at Bedok reservoir and in the morning around 9 plus. Very hot and sunny. For 4.2km I walk for about 30minutes. Almost fainted. Oh I forget to take my new sport attire picture as I got new shoes and shorts. Maybe this week will take. However, the ticket costs S$40, find it quite expensive even though goodies will be given. These few days have spent quite a bit as a lot of friends' birthday are in May so really need to cut back on expenses. Oh now I am also sourcing for the cheapest Internet connection. Thinking of applying for it so that I can blog at home. ; ) Wish me luck on finding the cheapest broadband. Ok decided not to go, save $. And if you interested to go for it, you should go if co…

Fashion deals for DBS Credit Cardmembers

Go fashion forward with HUGO BOSS, Max Mara and more!

From 28 to 29 May 2009, DBS Credit Cardmembers enjoy an additional 10% reduction above the discounted price at the following stores.

HUGO BOSS - #01-12 to 18, Takashimaya SC, Ngee Ann City or DFS Galleria Scottswalk, L2
MAX & Co - Takashimaya Dept Store, L2 Max Mara & Marina Rinaldi - Temporary Shop #02-35, Paragon
Win 10X your monthly spend! Stand a chance to win 10x your monthly spend (maximum of S$10,000 per prize) for every S$50 charged to any DBS Credit Card. You could be one of the 10 lucky winners every month.
Terms and conditions apply.

Computer & Desk Stretches

I find this very useful and practical for all of us. Ya I know is quite small but I can't seem to expand it. Hope you can see and understand it. Anyway they are stretching methods for you to do after hours of sitting at the desk or in front of the computer, which may causes neck, shoulder stiffness or occasionally lower back pain. Try to do every hour or throughout the day of whenever you feel stiff. No harm trying as it is not very difficult. I think can also do during the flight. Have fun.

PS Beside stretching, also try to get up and walk around the office on and off same as when you are on a flight. Sitting at a position for too long is bad for health and may cause death too. Take care.

bYSI WOW Deal! 10%-30% off with minimum spend of $50-$500!


10% off
with a minimum spend of S$50

20% off
with a minimum spend of S$100

30% off
with combined receipts totalling S$500 or more, enjoy 30% off on next purchase in a single receipt.

- Valid from 21 May to 15 June 2009
- Additional 5% for bYSI: indulge and Citibank card members (not valid for 30% off promotion)
- Maximum of 3 receipts (not applicable to 30% off Wow Deal receipts) totalling S$500 or more
to enjoy 30% off on next purchase in a single receipt
- Other T&C apply


Toiletries @ Chinatown

I love buying toiletries. Always finding new spot for cheap toiletries. My most frequent patronize shops are SwanSton and LeyWah at Chinatown People Park level 2 and 3 respectively. Have you heard of it or been there already? I find the price there are slightly lower than most places such as supermarket etc. If you are like me, you should go there to grab your stuff as they carry quite a lot of products for body, hair, skin etc.

Of course you may find it a bit troublesome to purposely go there, out of the way or have difficulties in finding your way back home and many more.... But I think if you buy a lot of toiletries at one go or just happen to pass by, no harm going. Luckily, Great World City has free shuttle bus to Chinatown (please refer to the picture on the right for shuttle bus timing) so during lunch, sometimes I will go there for de-stress.

Anyway last week, I went and did some damage. However, I no longer can upload photos because my office IT disable all our USB ports, my…

Exchange your old lipstick/gloss for NEW


1. TSC Special
from 280May 2009 (Thursday) to 14 June 2009 (Sunday)

4-days special
28 May to 31 May 2009
Additional 10% off for Takashimaya Credit and Cash Smart Cardholders

Enjoy 12% rebate @ the TANGS GSS Cardmemebers Prview on 27 (Wed) & 28 (Thur) May
09. Plus many beauty deals.

Closed door specials on 27 May 09 (Wed) reserved for Citibank & Tangs cardmembers.

First Online Sales

During Feb & Mar, still remember my earlier post on Egyptian Magic cream, where everyone is so into the cream. At that time, a friend help me and some other friends to order it and in order to get a better bulk price, he ordered more (if I not wrong, they have increased the bulk price) even though only about half of the purchase is guarantee sale.

When the creams were here, we were all so excited trying out the cream (now I use it on and off as too lazy to use) and selling the rest that are not yet sold. He even has an eBay account to sell. Of course some get to know through my blog :P. He will do the actual liaison with customer and I will help to send out the products via mail. Anyway it been a while since I step into Singapore Post and got myself familiarized with all the postage rates etc.

Without much publicity, in less than a month, we sold all the creams. A lot are through words of mouth as I have a friend who is in beauty line. However, we stop bring in new stock as the b…

Products' Expiry Dates

How fast do you finish your skincare products and makeup? Do you check when their expiry dates are? Do you often open them and take your own sweet time to use them. Or sometimes just leave them hanging there for months or years and not finishing them. Actually this sounds a lot like me. Last time I used to take my time to finish a skincare or makeup product because I will be very stingy to use it. Trying to maximize the life of it so that I don’t have to buy it too often.

Only until recently, after reading more on beauty materials, I realize that there is a shelf time for an unopened and a different shelf time for an open product. What do I mean? It means even when you do not open a product, it will eventually still expire. Most products will either specify its manufacture or expiry date on their packaging. Generally a product will expire within three years of it manufactured date if no expiry date is provided.

However, once you open a product then it becomes a different story. Take a …

Eat Fresh

I don't cook at all but if one day I have my own family, I will like to learn to cook for them. Eating out daily is not really healthy cos most of the time, MSG is added. Plus you will not have any idea the quality of the ingredients and their sources (very very important).
Came across an article on where a chef will usually get her ingredients from. I think no harm knowing all these especially for mummy who will like their kids to eat fresh stuff.
The Best Chicken Farmed in Malaysia using Japanese techniques, Sakura is antibiotic and growth hormone-free chicken. It's also juicy, tender, silky and very tasty.
Where: NTUC Fairprice. $10 for the whole chicken.
Nuts and Spices Teck Sang is the place to go to buy nuts and seeds for a good selection at a good price. All spices are kept refrigerated, a bonus in this weather.
Where: Teck Sang No. 11 Hong Kong Street p.6533 1133
From the Farm There are organic farms here in Singapore such as Greencircle, a biodynamic organic vegetable fa…

Beautiful smile with white teeth : )

Looking at my China trip’s photos and realizing that my teeth are not really that white (okie is yellowish). Guess too much coffee stains. Should really start looking at ways to improve it. Then at least I can look better in picture and can have a nicer smile. ;P

Actually I have tried brushing with baking soda but maybe I didn’t use long enough to be able to see the effect. Just got myself another package of baking soda. Should try using it with some whitening toothpastes. But I just realized using peroxide and baking soda are ways of mild bleaching. So are they harmful for my teeth??? Think I shouldn’t use baking soda too often.

Found some other home remedies for whiter teeth on the net, maybe I should try out some of them…

• Baking soda and a toothbrush to gently whiten teeth
• Foods such as celery, apples, pears and carrots trigger lots of saliva -- which helps to scrub away stains on your teeth
• Chewing sugarless gum also triggers saliva, which help eliminate teeth stains and do …


I have a colleague who really loves to do her own DIYmani & pedicure. She is really into it. Besides that she also likes to design fake nails with art works and even thought of selling them online. I find her quite creative and good with all these stuff. Below is one of her nail artwork.

To tell you the truth, I have never done any manicure or pedicure in my whole life. All these years I only cut and the most paint my nails. Recently I try bluff and polish my own nail on and off but too lazy to do it frequently.
Ah almost forget, few years back, I did let my eldest sister, who was at that time interested in all these, remove my toes cuticles and you know what??? She accidentally cuts too deep and my toe bleed and bleed. From then I have phobia to all these mani & pedicure. Plus I find them quite expensive. Don’t want to spend such money, rather buy skincare, clothes or just save them up. Anyway another colleague did mentioned that mani & padicure are all quite addictive, on…

DBS Cards' Promo

1) DBS exclusive pampering party at Takashimaya

Venue: Cosmetic Department Level 1, Takashimaya Department Store
Date: 23 May 09, Sat Time: 2pm - 5pm
Flash your DBS/POSB Credit or Debit Card to enter the event!

Highlights of the party:
20-min Fragrance discovery workshop2 sessions available (2.30pm and 4.30pm)
Discover the fascinating culture of fragrances in this sensory workshop and walk away
freshened with exciting tips like various spraying methods eg. How to choose your personal
fragrance and how to make scent last longer.

Attractive goodie bag* to be given away!
(Items includes: S$50 voucher** and 2 fragrance vials)

Complimentary champagne* while you shop and enjoy the fragrance discovery work shop

*Limited to the first 100 Cardmembers. **Voucher terms and conditions apply.

Plus, enjoy S$20 off with min. S$150 purchase of the following fragrance brands from 23 - 24
May, at Cosmetic Department Level 1, Takashimaya Department Store

Participating brands: Aigner Parfums, Burberry Fra…

Free treat from InterContinental Hotel, Singapore

For the month of May, Inter Continental Hotel Singapore is giving out free treat for all. A cup of regular coffee and freshly baked croissant simply by presenting the mailer (please get the mailer via the link: at Aroma, at the entrance of Olive Tree Restaurant.

Available from 7am to 10pm daily. Limited to 1 redemption per person.

So what are you waiting for!

I will definitely go if I happen to be at Bugis. Enjoy...

Clarins Promotion

I quite like Clarins's makeup remover and facial form. For the time being, they are quite effective on my skin (I hope no bad reaction will develop). I am still monitoring. Currently I am considering whether should I expand its range of products to use.

My sister mentioned that its HydraQuench serum is very good. I tried sample but I find it quite difficult to make judgement after using a product for less than a week as you cannot really tell whether it is suitable for you or not based on such short period of time. Of course unless you have immediate allergic to its ingredient. Actually I did try one of its truly matt product but I cannot remember whether it is a serum or moisturiser. Anyway not very good experience.

However, I did check out the above HydraQuench set, consisted of a mask, lip gloss and moisturiser cream. If you use all three items, for SGD88 it is quite worth it. The items are big enough to last to sample whether you are suitable for the products. But for me, I d…

Biotherim Aquasource

Maybe I should go down and get its sample. Actually many years ago, I tried but cannot really remember whether it is effective on me or not. Maybe so so only, that's why cannot really remember it. But it sound so tempting. SHINE-FREE!!! What a waste they didn't mention pore-free. Haha.

My Current Mood indicator

At last, last Saturday I went exercising. Okie I didn't do much,

Hate running so just walked about 4km for 40 minutes. Now my lower body are aching. Think didn't exercise for too long. So when is the last time I exercise?? I can't really remember. A year ago (don't laugh at me)? ;P Let's see how long I will keep exercising. Hope will continue for good, at least once a week. To keep fit. My sister mentioned that for slimming purpose, should do both walking and running. Not that I need to slim down, instead I'm hoping to build some mass.

Thought of going to gym but after ransacked my wardrobe, I realised I don't have any proper sport attire. So gave up. My friend is giving me a pair of track shoes, hope I can wear them. Maybe will get some nicer looking shorts. Any cheap lobang?

I used to go to my cousin's condo to swim but her place is quite far, so lazy. Don't like to go public pool as I only wear 2 piece swimwear (I look like shit in 1 piece swimsuit)…

Diet vs weight

I am never a health conscious person. I will eat whatever and whenever I feel like it. Maybe is because I am always skinny thus I am not overly concern of my weight. Actually I am looking at way to increase them (maybe I am also like others but in an opposite direction). I love all sort of sin foods such as Kong Ba Bao, stew pork trotters or pork knuckles, Char Kway Teow with cockles of course and morning You Tiao. Hmm make me drools. And I will never think of how much calories I have consume for the day.

However, I always heard from colleagues or friends that they will restrict or avoid certain food/(s) just to reduce weight and sometimes for better health. A lot of them are counting their calories intake. Going for slimming course. Sometimes looking at them I feel sad. Cannot eat things we like, worry of being over ate. What sort of life is this. We only live life once, why can't we enjoy ourselves. Maybe not all the time but occasional, why not??? Isn't a healthy life more i…


Some sales going on......

GANT - Get up to 70% off at Takashimaya D.S Level 4 (Studio 04) from 15-21 May 2009. Enjoy additional 10% off from 15-17 May 2009.

DBS - Additional 10% off at Marella & iBlues with DBS Credit Cards @ Isetan Scotts Level 2. From 22-24 May 2009. Terms & conditions apply. Enjoy!!!!

Eat well, Eat right

To have good and healthy skin, one must have external protection such as daily skincare and exercise (something I am still way lacking behind), we must also be aware of what we take in to our body. Cos large part of our nutrient comes from our food. Ideally is to have a balance diet, consisting of carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, mineral salts and fibre.

Carbohydrates: a source of energy.
Proteins: for growth and repair.
Fats: a source of energy and contain fat soluble vitamins.
Vitamins: required in very small quantities to keep us healthy.
Mineral Salts: required for healthy teeth, bones, muscles etc..
Fibre: help our intestines function correctly; it is not digested.

No idea what am I talking about, never mind. See below diagram and you will roughly have an idea what sort of food we are require to take in daily to keep our body functioning properly.

I know it is easier to say than to do but the minimum we can do is try to take all sorts of food at least once during a day. Such as at l…

My Current Mood indicator

Okie I am not busy playing game okie!!! So much sales going on. There are Isetan, Robinsons, Body Shop etc but right now, I am still stuck in the office working and working. I don't even have the time to blog. That you can tell how busy I am. However maybe it is a blessing in disguise. Avoid spending MONEY!!!! LOL. Anyway after my test on Monday and Tuesday, I feel so much relax and happy. I even went to catch X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie on Tuesday's evening. It been awhile since I watch a movie. I always like X-men or action movie. More exciting. Better end here got to continue to work or else I can't get home. Tomorrow is TGIF. Can't wait. Cheers. ;)


Last Sunday, I went to facial and now my face are still filled with red markings, lumps and pimples. Anyway my beautician said all those "white heads" on my face are actually oil clogs. So she asked me did I use any oil based makeup remover, cleanser etc.

God, I am been using Shu Uemura Skin Purifier - HIGH PERFORMANCE BALANCING CLEANSING OIL FRESH (for the past four months). Is this the reason??? Could be cos since March09 my face developed all these "white heads", they maybe have been clogging over all these months. So in order to confirm that this Shu Uemura's makeup remover is the culprit, I have to stop using it immediately (I still left with 1/3 and a unopen bottles). My beautician told me is because of my sensitive skin, I am not really suitable for oil based products. Life is so unfair, my friend who been using this makeup remover for years still love this product and thinks is the best, long lasting product.

So now I have no choice but to put my anothe…

News Release! You can now shop online at!

Singapore's very own fast chic fashion label, bYSI, is now available online. For international fans, you can shop bYSI with just a click of your mouse. Join in their exclusive online bYSI Club today to enjoy member's discount and great rewards on your next purchases. Don't let your fingers rest. Check out often for new arrivals. Fashion has never been so accessible. Note: I will definitely join the online bYSI Club but I find the online price a bit steep and they are all in USD. Why in USD since it is a Singapore's label?? Thus I am not too sure whether will I buy anything via online. Maybe when there is a promotion and the prices are more attractive....


Since right now (0013hr of 09 May 2009), I'm still in office working, might as well show you my house's dog, Charlotte. Every week end I have to bath her.
Cute??? She is going 5 years old so actually quite a old dog. But she still behave like a little gal. She loves food. Actually in the photos she doesn't look that great. Cos she is waiting for her food. Will try to get better photos to post. Hope I can finish my work soon and leave office........ Sleepy... ZZzzz.......

Body Contours Summertime Treats!

Not too sure will go or not. Maybe not, need to save $$$ for my laptop.....

My Daily Mood indicator

I am so sleepy, last night didn't get much sleep. And this morning I am so "lucky". As usual I took train to work. On train, whenever there is space I will move in cos I don't like to squeeze with people. However, today I met two very inconsiderate guys.
1st guy was a Malay in 30s tattooed man standing just beside the pole, he was carrying a very big backpack. I moved to stand behind him as in usual circumstance two people can stand by back facing back. However after I stand behind him, he didn't move in front and instead he keep moving backward to squeeze with me. To the extend I don't have place to stand. A kind hearted Indian man ask him to move forward a bit after seeing me no place to stand. The Malay guy didn't apologised instead very fierce rebuked the Indian man. I felt so sorry for him. Then I managed to get a seat then come a very "BIG" size man. He is so "BIG" size and he still took out his laptop and shift here and there to…

Food for Beauty

Featuring a selection of Beauty Hot Pots & Sakura Leaf and Prunes dishes inspired by Shu Uemuras latest WREX+ series.
"At SUN, we believe in achieving wellness and beauty through food. This special menu created by Executive Chef Toshio Sawai is a collection of seemingly simple dishes with ingredients that contribute to nourishing the body. "
This special promotion menu is available from 28 April C 8 June 2009 at Japanese Dining SUN at CHIJMES and SUN with MOON at both Wheelock Place and Central.
In celebration of natural beauty, SUN and renowned beauty brand Shu Uemura presents an exceptional bonus for guests.
:: SUN Exclusive
Order any item from SUNs Food for Beauty menu + minimum $80 on final bill and receive a special WREX+ series Intro Kit from Shu Uemura.
400 sets to giveaway. While gifts last.
Japanese Dining SUN @ Chijmes 30 Victoria St, #02-01 Chijmes, Tel: 6336 3166 SUN with MOON Japanese Dining & Caf @ Wheelock Place 501 Orchard Rd, Wheelock Place #03-15/16/17, Te…

New Yerba Mate Tea Gel-Cream from Kiehl's

Like I mentioned yesterday, I'm not really motivated to write anymore but after being encouraged by Nana so here comes another post.......

Helps to boost skin's healthy Radiance

Kiehl's recently introduced a latest extension of its Yerba Mate collection, the Yerba Mate Gel-Cream - a lightweight gel-cream infused with Yerba Mate to improve skin texture for a healthy looking, youthful skin.

Quote from its advertisement: Yerba Mate is an extraordinary, nutrient packed herb native to South American that contains 24 vitamins and minerals; 15 amino acids; 11 powerful antioxidants - nearly all the vitamins necessary to sustain life.

Sound really quite good. Actually I ever tried this range of facial wash and lotion sample. Find it not too bad but since I have used Abyssine Serum and at that time my skin seem quite alright so this time round when my face has a lot of whiteheads, I bought it again. Hoping it will again improve my skin texture. I even bought this range moisturizer (l…

My last post

I don't have blue or green eye. I am brown eyes, typically asian girl. Actually I don't think got anyone reading my blog except my boyfriend (now is ex-boyfriend). We just broke up. Think I can't go travelling with my boyfriend cos we always end up breaking up after our trip. Anyway think I am just fated to be alone.

I really have no motivation to continue writing. Anyway quite difficult to write in office and back home, I don't have pcexcept at my sister's place. Don't want to bother anyone. Just feel like sleeping don't wish to do anything. Any medication to eat and sleep forever??? Don't have to think, do etc...

Sometimes I wonder if I ever die at home, no one will know about it. Ya office will know cos I didn't come to work or Sunday, my mum will look for me cos every sunday I am supposed to go to my sister's place for dinner.

Think in this whole world, only my mum cares about me. She is really a wonderful, strong person but she leads a hard li…

Welcome back to Singapore

I am back!!! Reached Singapore from China on 2nd of May night. Luckily China is not affected by the Influenza A (H1N1-2009) virus, or else I will need to be quarantined (free leave, I hope). Hehe.

Anyway for this trip, I spent way too more! Think more than my last year Japan trip. I decided that if it is possible, never travel by package tour. Think I spend about SGD100 or more on tipping and SGD120 on shows. Then a lot of time (about 1/3 of the trip) was spent on introduction and selling of products.

Anyway what did I spend??? Bought Chinese medicine loh. Spent almost SGD1.4k on these (can buy a laptop and MP3 loh, shit!!!). Don't what get into my mind. Anyway what done cannot be undo. Hope they are effective after completing them.

Now better work hard to pay off my credit card bill..... And no more spending!!!!!