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18 oct 2008 @ east coast park

Recently went East Coast Park to have a stroll as it has been a while since my last visit. Weather was great, sunny and windy. It was quite crowded as people were there for camping, picnic etc. It is really a relaxing place to go once in a while. Thinking, maybe one of these days should go Sentosa.

After the stroll went to my favorite handout place at East Coast Park, that is Coffee Bean!! Oh they have actually done some renovation and change part of their furniture. Now it has more of the ‘zen’ look. Plus the new chair is much more comfortable than those previous metal one. Food wise, so-so. But really have an enjoyable afternoon, sipping coffee and enjoying the sea view.

When it is time to go, really can’t bear to. Must make it a point to go there more often, to enjoy nature time!!!!

BD's Wish List

My God, my 30th birthday is just around the corner. Sigh. What shall I do for my bd?? Reward myself?? Hmm.

Maybe get a present for myself such as

1) Gray longchamp - Le Pliage®Tote bagReference : 2724089 or Le Pliage®Tote bagReference : 1899089??? Must go Taka to check the design. Nowadays the price has increased,cost more than S$200. Online seem cheaper but currently I have S$50 Taka voucher.

2) My dream Gucci bag, dunno still have stock and whether the price has increase. The last time I checked on the prices is S$980. So expensive!!!

3) LV bag
- trevi pm costs about S$1K
- saleya mm costs about S$1,800 to S$2k
- neo cabby mm cost about S$2K
Think shouldn't buy LV as it is really very expensive.

4) Watch-must be slim, black bronze (Expensive-Rado, Cheap-Citizen, Swatch) I always see people got nice watch but somehow I dun have fate to find 1 for myself.

5) Laptop (Screen 12" and less) but my pc is still working le.

6) Black slim pants. Maybe should try Giordano. Furthermore I hav…

All About Eyes

Wow it has been a while since I post any stuff to my blog. Have been busy, told you the market is very volatile. One day, it is up and next day, it tumbles down. Anyway life still goes on.
Anyone feels that these few days the MRT seem much more crowded than before. Just like when the F1 was held here. Maybe I should wake up early to go work. Talking about waking up,
I feel that nowadays, my dark circles have become worse. Maybe I shall start using the eye cream that was highly recommended by my GP. It is called Under Eye Bryten. However, I still have two eye creams that I have used half way through. One is Lancaster-Differently-Eye Multi-Revitalizing Cream and the other is Dior Capture R60/80 Yeux-Wrinkle Eye Cream.

Right now, I am using Lancaster-Differently-Eye Multi-Revitalizing Cream. Even though it is a sample, it is quite a lot and I have been using it since starting of the month. I prefer this than the Dior’s eye cream as it is not too rich and thick. Dior Capture R60/80 Yeux-W…

Recent used products' review (11 Oct 2008)

Decided to have this products' summary so that I can remember what are the products that I have used and their remarks.

Product name: Silk White Mask with pearl (fm Sasa)
Texture : Moisturize
Aroma : Nice, fresh smell
Colour : White
Note : Take at least a hour plus to dry. (the sales person at Sasa told me, pearl is good for minimizing appearance of pores)
Cost : S$5.90
Verdict : Will buy again esp Sasa got sale

Product name: yours essentially - White Kaolin Clay
Texture: Didn't really touch it. Quite fine.
Aroma: No smell
Colour: Light beige
Note: Mix with hydrosol
Cost: My is sample from Yours essentially. 1/2, 1, 2 oz S$3, 5.50, 8.
Verdict: Will buy again when I finish my own clay mask. Really tighten & firm the face.

Product name: Clarines White Plus HP
Texture: Mildly thick
Aroma: Nice present smell
Colour: White
Note: Even though they stated it is oil free, my face still feel oily after using it.
Cost: Don't know
Verdict: No will not buy again, do not like the afte…

Time for Masques

Sometimes I’m confused whether to do facial masques frequently or limit the usage. I know we can’t exfoliate daily, maximum twice weekly. How about masque? My sister who is also a beauty freak told me that it is fine to do daily as most of the masques that I used are not too strong or rich and I got friends who do masque daily whenever they travel. I guess it is to hydrate the skin due to the different pressure on flight (Wonder how air stewardess maintain their skin and most of them have great skin. Or is it because of makeup??? Hmm). But I ever read someone’s blog mentioning that daily masque is too harsh and thus harmful to our skin. So how???
Okie, this is my plan..
- Three times a week – DIY masque using natural ingredients such as cucumber, tomato, fruits etc. (I ever met one Paul and Joe’s sales person who applies fruit daily on her face and she has smooth and brighten skin.)

- Twice weekly – clay masque as my skin type is normal to oily. (FYI, clay is great for removing excess oi…

Pros of Cucumber

Frankly speaking I’m not a cucumber person, don’t really like the taste of it. Quite tasteless. After some research, apparently cucumber is a very healthy and nutritious vegetable to eat or drink the juice. They are mostly composed of water, with lot of other nutrition such as vitamins A, C, and folic acid. The hard skin is rich in fiber and a variety of minerals including magnesium, silica, molybdenum, and potassium.

Cucumber is an excellent source of silica, which is a trace mineral that contributes to the strength of our connective tissue. Connective tissue is what holds our body together. Cucumbers are effective when used for various skin problems, including swelling under the eyes and sunburn. They also contain ascorbic and caffeic acids. These acids prevent water retention. Guess it is time to slice them and take it as a snack instead of my usual prawn crackers.

Don’t like cucumber snack, no worries, it can also use as DIY masques. Some said it can tighten pores (I hope so)!!! A…

Queen of samples

Happen to see this web site,, where you can get free samples. However guess nothing in this world is for free, first you must register to be its member. Once registered, you will be given 5 points and from then you can use the points to start getting samples. Each sample is about 2 points. The first time, I tried getting 2 of the samples and the postage cost me S$1.28. How to get point? After trying the samples, you must return to the site to write your review and do surveys for certain products.
Nevertheless when the mail came, I was a little disappointed as the samples are real small and only 1 sachet per product. They are samples sachet that are given “free” from department stores or respective brands’ counter. Of course, there are advantages via this web site, it is really convenience and some of the brands are not that common thus you can’t really get their samples. Last but not least, you get samples without the discrimination look of the sales perso…

My first experience with Hydrosol

After getting to know about hydrosol from Viva Woman, I was rather excited about it. As it is natural and can be use for many purposes. Even though right now I only know 3 ways, either as a toner on its own or mix with DIY clay as a mask or mix with scrub. Lastly, it is not costly.

This is my first on-line purchase so you can imagine the excitement. I ordered Certified Organic Helichrysum Angustifolium and Rose Geranium Hydrosol sample size (15ml each) through

Helichrysum Hydrosol – Good for treating scars and is great for sunburns, rashes and skin irritations.Rose Geranium Hydrosol - cellular regenerative and good for balancing combination skin (which I have).
Total, it costs me S$10.60 inclusive of postage. When the package arrived, I was rather impressed as they are all in glass bottles and properly tightened, taped and packed in bubble bags to prevent breakage. Mister was provided too in case customer wants to use it as a mist toner etc. They also gave me a…

5 oCt 2008 foot scrub & gel

Bought this foot scrub and gel from SwanSton @ Chinatown for sometimes, at last I got to try it.
Andrea’s Foot Spa scrub contains ingredients such as Pumice and Tea Tree that give you the essential elements for astonishingly smooth skin. While the Pumice lifts away any dead cells, the Tea Tree will repair and normalize the skin for a newborn feel.

Overall, I find it quite refreshing but any other foot scrub will do just as well.After the scrub I use this Montagne Jeunesse’s Morello Cherry & Iced Mint Tired Leg Gel. Wow it really has a strong, nice cherry smell and cooling effect on my legs. S$2.50 for a pack is really worthwhile, definitely will buy it again.

Both the foot scrub and the gel’s contents are quite a lot, it can be use for two persons. Maybe it is time to do a nice foot scrub and massage for your love one.