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Shi Li Fang @ Icon Village

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Burt's Bees Natural Anti-Blemish Solutions Daily Moisturizing Lotion

Got this moisturiser from Sephora.

It costed around $50 plus.  Below are my review.
Smell: nice pleasant scent
Colour: white
Texture: cream
Review: a light weight cream.  Easily absorb to skin. Not oily.  Overall, I quite like it.  Will definitely buy again when there is any sale.  


Mega grasshopper

Found a super big grasshopper at the bus stop.

It is almost as long as my index finger. Really big.  Another uncle at the busstop also can't help taking its picture.

i often catch grasshoppers when i was young. Now I don't really see them.  Was really happy to see it.  Nature is such a beauty.


5 Stars Chicken Rice

When i was young, 5 Stars Chicken rice is a place that I enjoyed chicken rice.  Missing its food.  Since now the kids are slightly bigger, we can be more experimental with our food.

So one of the Saturday, we went and have lunch there.  We went to the one at Katong.  Not sure if there is any other shop.  It used to have a shop at River Valley.

Shop looks fine.  Here are the foods we ordered.

Now they have quite a number of cze zhar dishes.  So we tried some too.

Overall, the food was quite good except its rice was quite bland.  Somehow, it no longer appeal that much to me.  Guess it will take a while before i go back there for chicken rice.


Serangoon Gardens Country Club's Swatow Seafood

I seldom go Serangoon Gardens as I lost my way at there once.  So when i heard my husband's family gathering is over there, i was quite reluctant over it.

This time round took a cab instead.

We are going to have lunch at its Saetow Seafood.  The restaurant was very spacious.

My family favourite snack.  Fried fish.

This is also good.

Oyster egg.

Some Teochew speciality noodles.

Cold chicken.

These are all the pictures i took.  Overall the foods were quite good.  The services were not bad too.  Too bad i didn't get to eat the vinegar pork trotter.

I can see that my husband's family members, who are mostly Teochew, enjoyed the food very much. So if you want tradition Teochew foods, this maybe the place you to come.

Thought of exploring Serangoon Gardens but eldest is in his assessment month so maybe next time.


Innisfree nail polish

I always can't find my nail polish as i seldom paint my nail.  It has been months since i last paint them.  Passed by Innisfree at Tampines Mall and decided to buy a nail colour.

Saw this colour and fell in love with it.

No 44.

Look natural and simple.

Really love this colour.  Think this will be my nail colour for now.  Each bottle costed around $4.90.  Very worth it.  Don't think i can ever finish a bottle of nail polish.  Maybe should look out of idea for handicraft.  Ciao.

Tonkichi (Japanese Restaurant)

TGIF.  Too lazy to cook so bring the kids out to find dinner.

Decided to try out Tonkichi at Tampines Mall.  It has been there for many years but didnt get the chance to try till now.

The restaurant shows some wear and tear but still clean.  Staff are friendly and helpful.

Here are our order.  Beer for husband.  Chawanmushifor the kids.

Salmon set.  Request some seaweed for the rice as my youngest wanted seaweed. They are generous to give us some.

Tonkatsu set for my husband.

Kids meal.

There are free flow of rice for main menu.

Overall the foods are good.  Kids enjoy them.  For the above, we paid around $80 for all.  Not cheap but will definitely come back when we feel richer.  Haha.