Thursday, May 25, 2017

Innisfree Canola Honey Lip balm and Burt's Bees Lip crayon

Everyday i do makeup to work or even during weekend.  However i don't really take care of my lips.  I will usually apply lip balm when my lips tend to be a bit dry.  Else i just leave it alone.

So what am i using for my lips?

For lip balm, i have been using Innisfree's canola honey lip balm for awhile.

Taste: sweet honey
Colour: clear
Review: very moisturise to my lips.  I think costs around $9 and can last very long.  I prefer stick than pot cos i do not need to use my finger or a brush.  For trip, i also apply on my kids' lips.

Now i only have one lipstick.  I used have a few miniature lipsticks but i cannot finish them so quite wasteful.  Now i only buy one at a time.  Hoping i can finish it.

During Sephora's sale i bought a Burt's bees' lip crayon.  Colour is redwood forest.

Taste: taste like a lipstick
Colour: a dash of red
Review: quite moisturize to my lip.  Not like lipstick super red. Actually i still prefer nude colour. The next lipstick i am going to try is Laneige's two tone lip bar.  But not sure when and maybe by then there will be new products out.  Haha.


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

My walking life - Pioneers trail

Another Saturday walk for the family.  Today we are walking around Ann Siang Hill park and Telok Ayer Green.  This is a easy urban walk for all.

Making our way to Telok Ayer.

The starting point.

Life in the early days.

40meters mural painting behind Thian Hock Keng Temple. Very beautiful.

Trying to be funny and having fun.

Going to Ann Siang Hill.


Peranakan design.

Chinese medical hall. Selling lots of stuff.  Giant lingzhi.

Dried sea horse.

Dried gecko.

I can see Chinatown from here.

Map of Ann Siang Hill park.

Finally we found the well.  It is hiding behind a row of shophouses.

Thian Hock Keng Temple.

I will say this a fairly easy walk.  However there are quite a number of steps.  So got to carry the pram and not much space to push the pram while walking along the shophouses.  We tend to push the pram on the road.  Luckily not much traffic.

Then we continue our walk to China Square area....

Will be back for more.


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Monday, May 22, 2017

Ad hoc pictures

All these picture reflect greatly about my life.  Something for me to look back.  I used to write diary now not much.  Here we go...

Trying to sell my uniqlo black eyelet shorts. Size small.  For $10. Interested??

Leg in pain.

Trying to research on making diy necklace.  But work has been busy so have not finish doing it.

My eldest 1st attempt to buy coffee for us on his own.

The new playground near our place.  Bigger better!

Half day leave to take care of the kiddos as husband is not in town. Got sudden interview but no job offer.  So took 518.  Nice view from the bus.

My purchase from the dress room are here.

 Trying out the cropped pants.  Find it loose.

Eye mask sample.  Nice!

My husband back from his Taiwan work trip.  Stuff he gotten for me.  Nice!

Happened to be waiting for my eldest to finish his class.  Read a magazine.  Now the magazines are not as thick as before.  Not much advertisement.  Here are some interesting items that caught my eyes.

Laneige's two tone lip bar.

Kenzo's moisturiser.  Their scent is usually ­čĹŹsomething to try?

Vertical gardening. My wishlist.

10 step Korean skincare routine.

Trying out tea in office.

I love looking at the cloud. They have endless form and so beautiful.

My youngest first panties set.

My eldest's creation.  Building in an estate.

Nice Mango snack.  $8 per bottle.

That's all for now.  Cheers.