Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Review: DIY Rice water

I have been reading about how rice is an important ingredient in Korean skincare products and how beneficial rice water is.

So i think why not give it a try as it is readily available in my household.

I am not as detail as other users.  I will just wash the rice and store the second round water in a bottle.  Then i will use it to rinse my clean face after my shower.

Maybe i should also use as a toner like some users for better effect.

As i have not been to facial for a long time and thus my face is in quite a sorry state.  Somemore i still put on make up daily, which may even make my face in a worse state.

However i feel that using the rice water really make my face seems fairer after each rinse.  Only for that moment ok.  And it does not make it worse.  My pores still visible. Maybe i should try using as a toner and see how it goes.

I even saw some use to rinse hair.  Not sure i have that much rice water.

Please note that after a few days the rice water may smell.  I read that it could due to the rice water is being fermented and it could be even more beneficial.  However the scent can be really much stronger.

Anyway i will still use it to rinse daily as long as i got the rice water and also it does not take much of my time.

If you have any experience with rice water, do share with me.  Thank you.


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Cute ads

I found a cute wall ads at Tanjong Pagar.

Very simple and clear message.  Maybe one of these day i will go and and give it a try.  Wonder how is the price range.


Monday, June 19, 2017


Once I started using the ShopperBoard app and i get to know more online shops. Happened to see these nice dresses.  Midi dress with pockets! Very excited!

I even ask my husband to go to its shop to take help me check out the pieces.  Actually it was not really its shop.  He only found one of the design there.

The dress was selling slightly more as compared online price.

In the end, I bought the one with prints.  Here it is.

Dress quality is quite good.  How do i look in it? Armpits area a bit loose but hip area a bit tight.  My hip is really big for a size 8.
Maybe it is time to exercise!


Thursday, June 15, 2017

Review: Strands & Grains

We found a good and cheap western food stalls at Roxy square's coffee shop.  It is called Strands & Grains.

Here are some of the items we tried.

Pork chop.

Chicken rice.

Mushroom aglio olio.

We also tried the olive rice, very nice and yummy.  My youngest who is very picky on food, enjoys it too.

Its foods are really tasty. Value for money.  Coffee shop is air conditioner. We usually go during Saturdays lunch.  May take awhile to find a table for four.  But is quite fast to get a table.

Really love this place.  Will always come back for me.  Cheers.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Nike no lace shoes

For my casual outfit, I have been wearing my bzees for almost 2 years.  Very comfortable and light to walk with.  Not sure whether i can still find it in Singapore.  So thinking what other alternatives do i have.

Now nike also has no lace shoes.  Not sure how comfortable it is.

Here are some designs that caught my eyes.

i cannot tell which one will be my favourite design and how soft it is.  For prices, the shoes are more than $150 so really don't know will buy it or not.  Will keep sourcing for alternatives as my bzees is still doing well now. Hope can find 1 that fit me.  Cheers xx.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Queen Helene Gentle Oatmeal 'n Honey Natural Facial Scrub review

Currently I am using Queen Helene's gentle oatmeal 'n honey facial scrub, 170g for both my face and body.  Recently i do not do so much body scrub.  So i seldom buy body scrub and will just use my facial scrub for my body.

This is quite a cheap scrub.  Think less than $10.  I got it at iherb but i think watson sell it too.

Smell: sweet scent
Colour: beige with dark brown bits
Texture: cream
Review: i will first apply a thin layer on my skin.  Very nice sweet smell.  Then after awhile then i will massage it in a circular motion and rinse off.

After that skin feels very soft and tender.  If time permits, it is best to scrub weekly. To remove impurities.

Queen Helene is not an organic brand thus it is so cheap.  My next scrub i will try to get an organic one.  For now, i will just enjoy this scrub.


Thursday, June 8, 2017

Cute dress

Browsing the net again.

Love and Bravery.

Reversible dress.

I have been cutting back on browsing the internet cos i do not want to tempt myself with all the nice dress.  My requirements for dress also get more stricter.  Anyway i mentioned a few times, i am looking for new job or wanting to be a stay at home mum again so i am saving up.

Really hope i can stop wasting money.  Tata.