Friday, September 22, 2017


My nephew is helping a friend to take picture of this machine, Rotimatic.  It makes roti with just some oil, water and flour. Very little human intervention.

Amaze with it.  The texture and taste are not bad.  Really hot from the oven.  Cautious note: the machine can be very hot, so do be careful! And must make sure the machine is clean from any dough as it will prevent the machine from functioning properly.  I think the clean up is the worst part.

Very innovative and popular product. Healthy food for all.  Costs around $1,800.  Actually there is a waiting list is you are interested in buying it.  I do not think i Will buy cos i am too lazy for the clean up! Haha.


Thursday, September 21, 2017

DIY Zumba dance

I often see my friend with her parents and kids go zumba dance.  Great exercise for all.  Thought of bringing my kids but cannot find a suitable timing for us.

One Sunday morning, thought why not we dance while watching the you tube dance video.

So here we are trying out.  Was quite fun.  But I think i should put cushion mat as we are not wear shoes to cushion our movement.  Zumba outdoor is better for the feet as people wear shoes. So the feet are cushion.  At home we can't really wear shoes to dance so not very good.

Will look out for events where i can bring my kids.  Hope we can make it!


Art festival and I'm Kim Korean BBQ

During one of the Saturday, we have a gathering with my friends and kids.  We walked passed the night festival along SMU.  Very crowded eventhough it is still early.

Yummy foods stall.

Night live performance.  Even my youngest are shaking with the music.

Another stall.

Have been awhile since we have korean bbq.  Long queue.  Waited at least half hour for seat.

Have an enjoyable time.  Each adult cost around $30 and child $20.

Playing CPF game at bus stop.

Simple weekend with friends.  Cheers.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Decathlon and Bedok Reservoir

Bringing my little one to shopping at Decathlon on a Saturday as eldest needs to go home to revise his school work. Our first visit.

A great place for kids to explore.  My youngest tried the bicycle.  

Having fun with the tempoline.

Giant exercise ball.
A great place but can be very crowded with kids. So take care of the little ones.

Then my naughty little one asked me how come this week we didnt go for our weekly walk? Walk usually means nature walk at a garden etc.

I decided to bring her to Bedok Reservoir for a short walk as she has not been there before.

Nice sunset.

Little ones enjoying the view.

Running around.

We saw forest adventure and she wants to go. I told her when she is older, she can try.  😒

So she does her own balancing...



After all these, she tells me she is tire and wants me to carry her.  So many funny ideas from this little 1.

Last sunset view before we are on our way home.


Monday, September 18, 2017

Ad hoc photos

Here are some of my photos that i took.

Wonder what is this? A bag, a hive on a tree???

Dressabelle has moved from 100AM to Tanjong Pagar Center.

Saw an interesting shoes but not sure how comfortable will ut be.  Really need to find a pair of good walking shoes.

My youngest National day art work in school. 

Another great national day deco that i saw.

We could not get the national day parade so here we are. At home, watching the parade on tv.  Singing our national anthem.

Another "cozy" day at train station.

View at Boat Quay.

Singapore peak hour condition can be quite bad.  Really pack and no place to stand at platform at all.

Really hope the train service can be more reliable as I am an advocate of green living. With reliable transportation system, we can rely less on car.  We can walk, train or bus.  Hope one day i will have no chance to take such crowded train station picture.


Friday, September 15, 2017

Our Tampines Hub: Orchid Bowl

Frankly speaking, i seldom bowl.  It is an expensive activites.  However, i feel is a sport that i can explore with my kids.  So when OTH starts a new bowling alley, here we are....

At basement one.  Just beside
Raman Makan Minang restaurant. Long waiting.  We waited and waited...

The kids running around..

Table top design.

Still waiting... Still running around.

Try out the bistro.  Many quick bites available.

Our sweet potato fries.

Finally we got our slot. Each lane is around $25 per hour.  Shoes rental is $1.50 per pair.

Trying out.  My eldest.

Helping the little one.

Our scores are 👎. Haha.

Try again...

Slightly better because we uses rails.  Haha.  Was a fun experience.  Will definitely try new sport together.  Looking forward.