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So Bio etic Pour une peau partaite

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A simple christmas celebration with friends at a friend's new place at D'Nest.  Quite a big estate.  Many pools surrounding the estate.

Simple pizza dinner from Pizza hut.

Gifts exchange.

Baker inn's log cake.
Guess the kids enjoyed the most.  My friend's place is small but compact.  Hope she and her family will have a great time there.


Tops from Mango

I continue to search for smart casual tops.  I realised Mango is having sales.  Check out their online stores.  Found some great tops.

Here are some tops that i found in store and tried them on.

My husband said i should try without my original top to have a better view of how the tops.  But i find queuing for fitting room can take a very long time.  Anyway i find their cutting a bit big.  Even the smallest size was quite loose on me.  So in the end i didn't get anything.

Another time i happened to go Uniqlo and this top is having discount.  $12.90 each.  I didn't get it as i find it short.  But looks good with something underneath.  Now is $14.90.  What a waste.

The Artground

I have heard so much about the Artground and am interested to go but always busy etc.  So happened my eldest 2017 recital will be held there.

We planned to go there for breakfast but it was super crowded.  It was on a Sunday. We heard that it is always like this.  In the end we just grab some coffee and let the kids have fun.

Actually it is a large indoor area for kids to run about.  During the weekends, there will be some music and art workshop for kids.  It usually costs $10 per kids.

Youngest is having fun.

The interior.

Eldest recital.

Getting prizes for his hard work.

It was a great place to bring kid especially if the weather is very hot.  But not much choice for food wise and it is super crowded.  Should have another cafe around.  Will definitely bring kids come again.


Shopping for tops

Looking for smart casual tops to match.

Found many but most at $30 each.  Find them very expensive.  Here are some tops that i like.

From Flash Mob.
Like this top but find its front short.  So unsure of it.
From Love & Bravery.

From Love, Bonito.

From others.