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Depress week

Last Thursday i got an important meeting and I forget to bring my jacket! So I have no choice but to buy jacket. Saw some nice jackets at G2000 but each costs S$119. At first, I thought I can use my husband membership and get a 10% discount. But now member NRIC must be present in order to entitle member discount. Since G2000 is having 50% off for second item purchased so in the end, I got TWO jackets to entitle the discount. Sigh.

I bought a navy blue and a gray jacket. My wish list is getting shorter and my bank balance is shrinking too. The worst thing is that the jacket needs to be dry clean. Waste money again.

Plus I spent money at the Kose sales too. So what did I get? I have not take pictures of them. I got two two way cake, one eye brow pencil, one blusher, one bkack mascara and a wrong dark brown eye liner. Actually I wanted to get the black one. Too rush!! In total, I spent less than S$70.

Lastly I also bought the Nike bag because last night I dreamt that the bag I li…

Kose sales

Finally Kose sales is back. Time to stock up my make up which is running low. I am eyeing on eye brow pencil and two way cake! Face blusher and mascara, still thinking?

Ah bad luck keeps follow me. Still remember the backpack I bought last Friday? The leather starts peeling and my husband has threw away the receipt. So we have to find another backpack. Today happen to see Nike at Great World City is having storewide 20% moving out sales. So went to check out its backpack and saw one quite nice. But I am still hesitating to buy because really spend way to much. So what do you think?

Spend, spend and spend!!

I'm dead! I spend money again. Recently I bought an online navy blue pants from Love, Bonito. But turn up not so great. Quite disappointed (so not in the mood to take its picture), my first pants purchase with them turns up so bad. Anyway bad things again online purchase is that sometimes what you buy does not really suit you. Anyway something for me to remember, corp and high waist pants do not suit me.

Then Saturday brought my son to pick up his passport so after that went Bugis to shop for awhile. Saw Little Match Dress having promotion again. Each dress costs S$39.90 but minimal must purchase two dresses. My husband says it is a good deal so try some dresses. Finally i got my "grey"dress. 

Free Cardigan

However, just when i decided to pay for the two dresses, the sales person said member who buy three dresses will get a free cardigan. So went ahead and chose one more! Ah the saddest thing is that my husband didn't often to pay for me. So sad.

Ah really should stop…

Card Holder with neck strap

After weeks of searching, I finally found a card holder at Evergreen for myself. Costed less than S$10. Look wise: simple. Hope it can last.


Purchase from Chinatown

Last Thursday went Chinatown. So went to Dragon Dor Cosmetics which carries quite a number of organic products. From skin care, hair products and even food. Its address is 32 New Market Road #03-1126 Singapore 050032 and contact no is 65352005.

Recently I tried Yuan soap bar from Taiwan. Got them from Unity. It's price range is from S$10 to S$17. Thought a soap bar can last for awhile but i was wrong. Within a month, it is gone. Tried a second bar and it also gone in about a month. Too expensive to use long term so decided to switch to organic shower wash.

Here is my purchase. The aloe vera is for my mum. She has sensitive skin so she use it when her skin is too dry, itch or reddish. As for the shower wash, I got the tea tree cos I prefer minty or herbal smell than fruity smell. Both cost S$23 each.

I will do a review on the shower wash when I start using it.


My Bag Wishlist

I love bags! I like to change bag for different outfit. However I feel a bit wasteful to buy all the branded bags as I do not really take good care of them. I put tons of stuff in them, I throw them on the floor etc. And eventually they will fade and torn even if you take super good care to them.

Then I thought buying cheaper bag is a better idea. So recently went Bugis and bought two bags for S$50. Look wise they are quite good and semi-formal so I can use for my work. However as I use them, I realized their quality is not so good. Less than one week of using, the buckle becomes very weak. Plus my little boy pulling, it just get worse! Now i am hoping they can last one or two months.

No more buying of cheap bag. Now I am exploring Charles & Keith's bag. Their bags look good but getting more and more expensive. A small one will cost slightly more then $50 and a big one will be about $80. Of course I am looking for a bigger one as I carry lot of stuff. Lol.

I tired Mango…

Waste $$$

Last week, bad luck keeps falling on me. My right heel is inflamed. Doctor recommended no heels and more cushion shoes while walking. So Saturday, I bought a pair of shoes from
Itti & Otto. Costed me $59.90. Actually it comes with buckles but I find it too noise so I cut them away. Eventhough the shoes are rather soft but they still cut my feet! What lousy feet I got. :(

Then Sunday I went NTUC to buy Mr Muscles and it spills on my new Uniqlo shorts. Big patches of discoloration were formed!! Ah. There goes my shorts and I have only worn it twice. Now I am thinking should I get a new pair but most likely I will wait for Uniqlo promotion.

Really hope things will get better for me. Have a good week! Cheers.