Friday, August 31, 2012

Clarins Multi-Active Day and Night Cream

An update of what I have been up to. In order to stay healthy, I signed up a gym membership nearby my office and during lunch time, I will go exercise. Will try to go twice or thrice per week as my usual per session of workout is only for about 30 minutes. After work and weekends are family time. Thus I left with little or no time to blog or do my own stuff. However, I will still try to post off and on.

Anyway going to do a reveiw of a product that I bought quite long ago. Got this when Robinson still had 20% discount for Clarins products. But didn’t get to use and also fear that it is a bit oily for me as I tried its night cream and find it oily. Since now, after gym and bath, I will need to reapply my skincare and makeup so I need a day cream in office. Thinking during weekday, most of the times I am in air conditioner room so an oily day cream should be fine for me. So decided to use Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream-Gel. Price is about S$100 each for both day and night cream. Day is in a white tub and night is in a blue tub.  

Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream-Gel

Texture: Light cream
Aroma: Nice flora fragrance
Colour: Pink

Verdict: Surprisingly, I quite like it. It is lightweight and absorbs quickly. Most importantly, there is no sticky after feel. As usual its aroma is so nice. Make you relax and feels good. However I find it rather expensive for a day cream so most likely I will not buy again unless there is promotion or sales.

Whereas for Clarins Multi Active Night Cream, I find that it does not absorbs as well as the day cream. There is a always a sticky after feel. So I do not quite like it.  

Clarins Multi Active Night Cream

Texture: Light cream 
Aroma: Nice flora fragrance
Colour: White

Verdict: Not my favourite and will not buy again.  


Renew Balancing Gel Cleanser

Currently, I am using it for my morning wash. Got it when Waston is having a promotion. I think its usual price is around S$19.90 and can get it from most major pharmacy.

Renew Balancing Gel Cleanser

Texture: Gel

Aroma: Sweet, soothing and pleasant smell

Colour: Clear

Verdict: A gentle cleanser but clean well and yet do not give a tight feeling after every wash. The smell is also fantastic. I feel good after using it. Definitely will buy again.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

iPhone problem

A few weeks ago, I'm facing problem with my iPhone home button. Having difficulties in pressing it. So my husband says getting a button sticker will ease the problem.

Tried finding them at those neighborhood hp shop but find them either too fancy or too cute for me. Then went G Market to look for it. Finally found a simple set and costed S$1.20.

Anyway I also on my iPhone Assistive Touch under General and Accessibility so that I can rely less on the home button. So iPhone users do you also face the same problem as me? Cheers.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Another Purchase from Bugis

Another purchase from my last week trip to Bugis Street. Did not include them in my previous post as I did not have any picture on it. A silver and gold chunky necklaces. Each costs S$15. Cannot decide which one to get so bought both. Do not find them extremely cheap but not too sure where to get cheap accessories as I seldom wear them. Either forget or in a hurry.

Actually I am hoping these necklaces can spice up my casual office attire when I am too lazy to dress up for the day. Hope it works. Cheers. :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

A review on Clarins UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection Tinted

Another sample that I got from Clarins. However this comes on a 10ml tube so rather convenience. Nowsaday as I go gym during lunch time so I have to re- do my makeup after a quick bath. So this sample came handy. But I was surprise with its coverage and fell in love with it. Below is my review on it.

Texture: Light lotion

Aroma: Nice flora fragrance

Colour: Beige

Verdict: I love it. Just nice medium coverage and overall my face seem radiant with it. Maybe I am just lucky, this color just happen to suit me. The texture also not too thick like some BB cream and foundation. I also trying Vichy foundation but don't really like t as it does not have SPF coverage.

Anyway it also absorbs well and feels good after applied. Plus the nice flora fragrance just makes it so perfect. Will definitely will buy it again but will either get it in sale or at DFS. Cheers.

Bags from Bugis Street

Last Friday just got these bags. The shop is having promotion, two bags for S$50. Else each usually costs S$30. However, I do not remember the shop's name but it is on the second floor.

Hope they can last a bit longer than a bag that I bought at Tampines. Costed S$18 but last for a few months only as its buckle spoils.

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