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Promotion for the week

This week Takashimaya is having four day special starting from today to Sunday 25 May. Takashimaya cardholders entitled additional 10% discount.  
Bud Cosmetic at Takashimaya is having promotion too.  Enjoy 15% off on Buds Baby, Logona, Illume and NEOM Body products.  Thought of buying another Bud nappy cream for my baby.  The cream was not bad.  I have not try the nappy cream given by Thomson Medical, which my husband's cousin feel is good.  Got to ask my husband to buy as I am not allow to go out shopping during my confinement period.  So bore.  
By the way, Watsons is giving 5 times points store wide with minimal nett purchase of $38 in a single receipt at all Watsons stores till 25 May.
Happy shopping.  Cheers.


I have just given birth in 14 May.  Been a busy week.  Son is sick, baby still having jaundice.  Worry and worry.  Need to relax.  Shall write a post.  
Some products that I have tried and used before and didn't get the chance to review.  
Dior Hydra Life Skin Energizer -  a lightweight lotion.  Easier absorb to skin.  Nice fragrant.  Good for normal to oily skin type.  I got it from those office sales so not sure of its retail price or whether is it still in the market.  Don't mind getting again if got sales.  Not too bad.  My sister is a die hard fan for its product.  

Kiehl's Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment - A white lotion type product.  Like to use it during my combination skin days, when I have pimples and white heads.  It helps to control but don't expect it to do magic.  No scent.  Used to be $52 per tub but not sure whether it's price has increase or not.  However, now not working so don't think will buy after finishing my two tubes on …

All about my hair

Recently I went to cut my hair short as the weather is real hot.  However the hair stylist refused to cut till super short.  Angry waste $41.  Pixie hair but with long fridge.  Don't look super nice but seem less warm.  Need to wax and I am not very good at it.  If I do not wax, I will put my skinny hair band.  My other hair band can be quite uncomfortable for a long duration. Will try to drag as long as possible for next haircut.  Save $$$$$!!!!
What do I use for my hair?  I will alternate between two to three shampoos.  Currently, I am using Natural Multiflower Ginseng Shampoo, Pure & Basic Natural Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Sunsilk's Lively Clean and Fresh shampoo.  Actually my mother in law is using the first shampoo to prevent white hair as I have quite a number of white hairs so thought this will help to prevent more.  However, it does not seems to help much.  

The fragrant is pretty strong of ginseng.  
As for Pure & Basic Natural Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, I bought fro…

Body care

For body care and hair, I tend to be more relax.  Fo morning or early afternoon, I will usually use organic shower gel which is gentler and lighter.  Since morning, body not so dirty.  For a relaxing bath, I will use Avalon Organics Bath and Shower Gel Lavender. 

It has a soothing scent.  Make one feel relax.  Cost around $16 for about 1 liter.  If I want a refreshing bath, then I will use Avalon Organics Bath and Shower Gel Peppermint.  

Cost around $8 for 500ml.  Not cheap.  Thinking - These are the few item I may cut down to cut costs.  
For night wash, what body wash i use really depends how strong I want it to be.  If I have hot and long day, I will use Dettol shower gel for washing.  I always feel clean and refreshing with Dettol especially with it's cool range.  

I also like it's natural range.  

Or else I will just use back my morning shower gels.  
At least once a month I will scrub my body but these few month I reduce as I feel my skin is more delicate during my pregnancy.…

Chinatown vs NTUC vs Watson's vs iHerb

Now my most frequent shop will be NTUC.  Lol.  More for grocery and household stuff.  The toilettes they carry are mostly those commercial ones, seldom organic brand.  Not as cheap as Chinatown.  However when they having promotion, I don't mind buying from them as the price is quite comparable to Chinatown.  Plus the effort and time to go to Chinatown and carrying the heavy load back.  
Example when NTUC is having promotion for Sunsilk's shampoo.  Two for $15.65.  Each costing about $7.83.  If I don't remember wrongly, Chinatown price is between $6.50 to less than $8.  So I don't really mind buying from NTUC, plus buying more than $200, there will be free delivery.  Now I am mostly at home so I can wait for the delivery.  
Beside NTUC, I also find whenever there is Watson's member sales, some of the toilette and makeups are quite worthwhile.  However you must not mind the crowd and queues.  The queue is killer.  If I don't have a lot to buy, I will rather skip it…