Friday, July 28, 2017

Youth day @ Esplanade

Now kids are so fortunate. There are so many events out there for them to enjoy.

During youth day, I happened to bring my kids to Esplanade. There are many events for everyone. Deco.

We are waiting to enter a performance.  Can you see my youngest wearing a teira? Costed me $8 for it! Life with girl can be hard.

Concert hall.  The kids' first performance.  Eldest enjoys but youngest don't really.

Cute cafe but we didnt try.  Went for a walk.

Outdoor performance.

Walking along Esplande pedestrian bridge.

Towards the Clifford Pier - the Fullerton Hotel.

Seldom walk around this area.  We were like tourists, taking pictures and enjoying the sights.

Wedding at the pier.  Very beautiful.

Today is a very simple trail.  We just continue to explore a small bit of the empty raffles place and find dinner.


Thursday, July 27, 2017

Unseco World Heritage Art Exhibition

Piece of peace. World tour.  Here are some lego works that are displayed at Raffles City.

Very beautiful made.  Thought of bring my eldest to go but the ticket is quite expensive and not sure whether he will appreciate looking at all these.


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Tampines One Rooftop Playground

On one of Sunday, wanted to bring my kids for a swim but my youngest gave us problem so end up we didn't make it to the pool. Instead we went to the rooftop playground at Tampines One for a short water play.

We have not been there for awhile.  It is not really my favourite choice as my eldest did gotten hand foot mouth disease right after a visit there.  So i tend to avoid it.  But for a quick and short fun, it is very convenient for us to visit it.

Having fun.

Actually not a really big area but nonetheless the kids enjoy themselves.  It was the first time for my youngest so she is still exploring and careful with the whole set up.  Maybe next visit she will be better.


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Children's Biennale

Saw many posts on this and for this June holiday, we have not been to any museum.  Planning to go and meet up with friends. However, last minute friends cancel.  Didn't want to further disappoint the kids, decide to proceed with it.

So National Gallery Singapore, here we come.  I love museum especially Singapore ones as they are mostly free for Singapore citizen.  A great place for kids, adults to explore especially in our warm environment.

Giant yellow ball floating in the air.

Children's Biennale.  We kick start with Homogenizing and Transforming World.  The ball changes colour once you press the ball.

They enjoy press and hitting the balls.

Rock and Sphere.  Trying to be strong?

The Obliteration Room.  $2 donation for a sheet of sticker.

Maybe next time my new place should paint it white and just such stickers as decorations.

Firewalk: A Bridge of Embers.

Uses of mirrors. Very smart and very real.

Being yourself. Shading.

Keppel Centre for Art Education.

Seriously building and creating.

The Blue who swims all this way.

From Rocher to Kallang.

Short lunch break at the Courtyard Cafe by Owl.

Continue with our tour.  The Connet in Blue.

Ceiling design.

The bridge.

Fun with chinese calligraphy.

This Changed My Life

A well spent 6 hours at the museum and we still didn't cover all the areas.  I have friends who went twice.  Maybe if i can will bring the kids back for more fun. Even my youngest also enjoys so much running around.

The exhibition end after 8th of October.  So don't miss it.  Have fun.  Cheers.

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