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Sports Hub Community Play Day:Good Ol' Wonderland

I happened to saw a notice on this event and i thought my youngest will like it plus it stated free.  So decided i shall bring her go.

A super sunny and hot day.

Oh rides are not free! Kena cheated.  Each ride costs $5 about the same pricing as other fair.

Train ride.

Spending time queuing.

Really very hot.  Trying to find a indoor area to rest.  Then we saw this..

She was so happy and excited.  But more suitable for age 4 and older kids.  I find it can be quite dangerous at times for younger age kids to jump with the older kids as they will bump and pile on each other.

But she had fun bouncing around.

Trying games.

We managed to completed our card.

So here is the gift.

By the time we break for lunch, she was so tire. Luckily she had fun but i find the rides normal and not impressive at all.  Guess they emphasised more on its marketing.

Maybe next time i shall lower my expectation.



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