Thursday, August 31, 2017

Choosing the right accessory

It is important to use the right accessory for different outfit we wear. Here are some guide for myself.

Actually I dont have so many different necklaces to match.  Haha.  Ciao.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Yummy food

Feeling hungry right now so here are some good food pictures for myself.

Power snack pack for myself.

Simple yet beautiful cake from The Patissier.

Every week must have.


Taiwan egg cake.

Order from Redmart.

Mix home cooked food with herbal chicken, pork rib and taiwan shi lin snacks for hubby's birthday.

Apple strudel with maccons as birthday day cake.

Homemade cup coaster.

Using it in office.

Free bakkwa.

$1 starbuck drink.

Taiwan desserts.

Homemade tempura and curry rice.

Packed Stuff'd. Mexican and Turkish food.

Look small but very filling.

Famous soya chicken and char siew noodle from Hawker Chan Soya Sauce Chicken, a Michelin One star hawker stall at Chinatown.

Very good Moscato.


Still hungry after looking at all these.  Wonder what to eat next.  Cant wait.


Monday, August 28, 2017

Istana visit

During National day period, there was an art function organised by Singapore Art Museum at Istana. Really look forward such event to bring my kids there.  I think is a must place to visit in Singapore if you got the chance.  Just like the White House in Washington or Buckingham Palace in London.

If I don't remember wrongly, I only been to Istana once and that was many many years ago.

So we pack our picnic map and tried to leave the house early that Sunday.  I am worried will have long queue.  Was surprised not much queue.  Secure is tight.  No scissors or sharp item in bag.  I have to throw away my scissors again.  

Finding the right spot to rest.  The grass was fantastic.  Really nice just to sit around and enjoy the breeze.

Kids drawing for the art event.  In the end we packed lunch and had it here as we cannot bear to go.

Kids just love to run about.

Other art activities.  Kids have so much fun.

Japanese garden.

The main building.

No photograph in the main building. Only 1st floor was opened for viewing.  On our way back.

Our national flower, Vanda 'Miss Joaquim'.

It was a lovely time at the Istana. Really cannot bear to go.  Hope we will get the chance to come again and picnic.


Friday, August 25, 2017

Bukit Timah

It has been awhile since i go bukit timah.  Actually i think i have never been to bukit timah hill.  So one of the Saturday bought my kids there to have a walk.

We took train to beauty world station. Malls are just near by but we have a hard time finding the park.  Must cut through the mall and walk a distance before you reach the park.  Finally we saw the train track.

Happy to see this.  We are on the right track.

We went to take a look at the train tracks.  Then decide to walk the train tracks area instead of the hill.  Lazy. Easy walk but long way. ...

We finally saw the train bridge.

We can even see helicopter flying around.

So many people there!

We even saw a monkey.

We continue our walk but can only reach hillview as there is no road through and there is no clear signature showing to the main road. Some kind souls guide us out.  There is a small road to a slope and to the main road.  What an adventure.  Then we walk to railway shops to have early dinner.

From the railway shops, we can actually see the train track bridge.

Hope we will be back for the park and hill.  Can't wait.


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