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The Bedok MarketPlace

After many weeks of talking about it, I finally get to go and try!

Many nice deco.  Must go early to 'chop' place especially those with fans. Quite a variety of food selections. Those popular ones must queue!

The kids enjoy looking at how ramen are made.

Here comes the food.

When we reached around 6plus in the evening, I find the place a bit warm. Around 7plus crowd start to come.  Around 8 things are cooler and a number of things were sold out.  But there are other choices.  

Price range from $10 to $20. Nice place and many types of foods.  Too bad there is no direct bus from my place else I don't mind going there for meals.  



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Love, Bonito promotion with UOB card

10% discount off all regular priced item, when you pay with your UOB card for online purchase.  It lasts till 31st March 2017.

Use (LBXUOB + 1Sst 6 digits of your UOB card) to enjoy this promotion.  

Discount item(s) is nonexchangable and non-refundable.

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