Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Hanoi day 3: Sapa

Another day of walking at Ham Rong mountain. This time round, the walk will be shorter around 2km plus and less commercial.  Nice, cool weather

Hand made tree root handicrafts.

I will definitely miss this place and its weather.

My tour guide house and black pig.

Water buffalo.

Turkey and cock.


Littlr boy helping his mother with the vegetables.

Hand made Cinnamon incense cones.

Road side bbq stall.  The bbq fish smells good.

It was a lovely walk.  Over here we can really see how people live in rural area. With limited stuff such as electricity etc and yet no complain.  We should be contented with our life.

Next we are going to mountain top...  It was actually not in my literary but my sister's friend loves cable car. So i thought why not bring the kids since we do have some spare time.  So Fansipan, here we come.

During the cable car ride we really in the clouds.  We cannot feel anything.  Here we are like on the clouds.  The sky is so blue.  So beautiful. Everything is so clear.

Still a long way up.

Here we are.  It is really very windy and cold.

Can you see we are higher than the clouds?

Clear blue sky.

We still need to go up.

Luckily is not by walk up but by tram.  Luckily i have a seat since I am carrying youngest or else i will have faint.  Really very steep ride up to reach the top.

Their steps are really small. So got to be careful.

Take a picture before returning the tickets.

Way down.

Can you see the rainbow?

Really nice experience.  The cable care ride is around s$30 and the tram ride is around s$7.  You can even dine at the mountain top.

Back to cloudy.

Is always nice to seepeople taking wedding shot.

Then we are off to train station.  Tonight we will be taking night train back to Hanoi.

While waiting for our train, there are people selling their on the spot shoes washing services.  And we decided to wash eldest shoes as his shoes are pretty dirty after 2 days of intensive walking.

For 40,000 Vietnamese dong, eldest shoes became clean and shiny.  Then we are off to train to sleep.

Cannot wait for day 4...

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