Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thing that I enjoy doing

Window shopping is something that I really love to do. However, it can be too time consuming.  So sometimes I will either bring my kids with me or while waiting for my eldest to finish his classes.

Recently I went #loveandbravery to try out its clothes but didn't find much that suits me.

Here are some shots that I have tried.

So which 1 do you think is nice?


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Converse shoes

During this GSS, I bought my new walking shoes.  I went for a basis plain white Converse shoes. There was a 10% discount so paid $60 only.

Hoping that it will be easier to match with my outfit. Even with some of my working dress.

It does match with some of my working dress but I feel that after wearing #Bzees for a year, Converse shoes does not feel that comfortable. Sad. Furthermore #Bzees shoes are quite difficult to get in Singapore.  So now I am thinking whether to buy back my current #Bzees or not.  Also not sure whether it has my size or not.


Friday, June 24, 2016


#Dressabelle is having flash sale.
Fantastic 4 hour flash sale.
Buy 2 or more items, get 35% off your order.
Please note that only applicable for items in fantastic 4 category.

Use code: fantastic4

Valid till Sat 26/6 00:00

#loveandbravery is also having a sale at its stores.

Buy 2 get 10% off.
Buy 3 get 15% off.

I went to the store at Tampines 1 and only manage to find one dress that I like.

Costs $35. So sad cannot get discount. Still thinking should I buy it or not.

I find it quite nice and is something I don't really have but is the last piece.

Still considering.


Withings Activite

After reading my blog, my husband feels bad about buying the DFIt D1 for me.  Actually I feel that there is no need to feel bad about.  Even thought it is not really a good watch, it does have its pros.  And I will still use it, as I am not really a very high tech girl.  Just need to take a while to get use to it and learn how to use it.  And during this process, I may nag and nag about what I discover of the watch. Usually I will comment more on its cons than its pros.  Haha. 
Then out of the blue, he gave me another watch, Withings Activite.  

It also tracks your steps.  It is also waterproof.  Nicer design.  Does not need to charge every fortnight. However, it is much more expensive.  Costs around S$200 and cannot tell the time in the dark.  The step tracker is much stricter than my DFit D1 and HPB Actxa. 
I feel a bit wasteful when I stop using my DFIt D1.  It is still useable.  But I guess it is not so practical for my kids.  Maybe I shall donate to YMCA. 
Now I am into Minimalist lifestyle. So really don’t want too much things.  Trying to cut back on my purchase and whenever I have spare time, will pack my stuff.  Hope I can achieve it.  Pray for me.


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

DFit D1

My husband recently bought me a smart watch called DFit D1 from Tao Bao.  It has good review and costed around S$30 plus with shipping. 

Pros about the watch.  Cheap, nicely made and waterproofed. 
Cons:  Need to synchronize with you mobile phone or else the timing will be out and being reset.  
I have been using for five days. The watch needs to be charged almost every two days.   Its Bluetooth connection is pretty weak, out of the blue, the watch will reset as it loses the connection with my mobile phone.
Personally I find it quite useless as a watch that does not provide correct time.  Even the HPB Actxa is a more reliable watch.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Outfit for the day

It is always super rush in the morning so I don't have time to take my daily outfit picture.  And i don't have other place to take.  By the time I reach home in the evening, I will be so worn out.

So sometimes when I am on leave or weekends, if I dress up better. I will take my outfit picture.  

So here is one of my outfit.  

I seldom wear 2 pieces as I need to plan what to match.  

For this, I matched my #loveandbravery black #culottes with a reversible faux silk top.  I find it quite alright and not so hot.
What do you think?


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Biore UV Kids

New product that I found in Ntuc. Biore UV has came out a new sunblock for kids.  I forgotten to try, next time will try.  I love its Prefect and Face Milk.  Will do a review shortly.  Not sure how this will fare. I also did not see it's retail price.

Will find out more.


Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Last Monday I happened to pass by Korres at Raffles City and saw it is having 40% sales for some of its makeup and promotions. I went in to take a look and I come out poorer.

Its makeup range other than lip balm are all having 40% discount.  Some of the make removers are selling at $19. I think memeber got 40% discount for some other products.

I have bought its Multivitamin compact powder (usual price is $61) and Pomegrante concealer (usual price is $39).  Total I spent $60 for these two products.

Really worth it to buy.  Will try and review on it soon.


Thursday, June 2, 2016

My wishlist

1. 0.4 carat diamond earrings. Currently I am wearing my 0.1 carat diamond earrings. I am too lazy and always in the rush to match earrings so this is the pair which is timeless and match well with every outfits. Thinking of buying Swarovski crystal earring. Cheap only $150.  But my budget is $100 for it since it is more of a custom jewellery.

2. Hp with bigger screen and external SD card.
My current LG hp is quite good except it is getting old and a bit slow. Photograph resolution is also not too good.

I really need a good camera hp with extra storage as I take lots of picture with my hp. Bigger screen is to watch show. Last time I used it to even read book.  But recently my husband bought me a kindle so I have used it less for reading. Not an iphone user as I am more of a drag and drop file girl than synchronize. My budget is $500 without contract but checked out LG V10. It costs $840. So expensive.

3. Smart casual sleeves knee length dress.
Most of my dresses are working dress. My usual length for dress is 34 inch but I feel that it is quite short when i babywearing.  Thinking of going Bugis to check out those $10 to $15 dress. But don't have time.

4. Baby bag aka back pack
The side pocket of my current Nike back pack got a super huge hole. However it is still useable so this is really at the bottom of my wish list. Saw a Jansport backpack which is unavailable in Singapore but seem good.  Can try. Not cheap cost around $100 plus.

5. Bzees lifetime shoes and sandals. Unavailable in Singapore. Went to the same shop where I bought my Bzees. They only have the exact same old models that I was there the first time. Quite disappointing. Now having promotion $99 for a pair. I bought at $129. Not sure to buy back my current one.  Or should look for another good walking shoes that look nicer. I really have difficult to find a good pair of all rounder shoes. Thinking of buying back Converse shoes. Cheaper.

Just realised other than hp, my wishlist items are quite cheap. :)

I don't mind a holiday.  I will like to go back to Sweden. Nice weather and peaceful.  But rather exepnsive to bring my two kids and not sure what can they do over there.

Just love to daydream.


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