Saturday, December 31, 2016

#Wahiro Japanese Restaurant

As the kids get older, we tend to expose them with different foods and activities.

This week we tried a new japanese restaurant.

The outside.

The interior.

Our table.

Here comes the food.

My eldest favourite.

My husband's favourite.

Overall the food is good. The sashimi is fresh.  2 lunch sets costed around S$50.  Worth it. Definitely will come back again.  


Thursday, December 29, 2016

#Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy

Trying out a new cleanser.  I used this as a makeup remover.  I got this free as I joined a Physiogel photo competition.  My youngest uses the AI cream as she has sensitive skin. Think it costs around $30. Find it quite expensive

The box.

The bottle.

Key ingredients.

Smell: unscent
Colour: colourless / clear
Texture: gel
Review: gentle yet clean well.  Use about a 20 cents size amount to clean the whole face.  Can remove most makeup except eye area. Skin does not feel dry after usage. No major outbreak too.

Don't think will buy again as it is not an organic product and it is quite exepnsive.  However willnot mind using if I can get it free.  Lol.


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Ah Wang cafe

Tried the new Ah Wang Cafe along katong area.

Forget to take the cafe's interior. Will take again if I happen to go again.  Food was quite alright. Portion was not large.  Price was around $8 per set with a bowl of noodle, a slice of bread and drink.

Their food is quite consistent accross other branches.


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Check it out.

December 2016 - #PokemonatChangiAirport.

Many pokemon decorations. Even the sky train is with pikchu pictures.  Its plush toys are also in great demamd.

#Rayban sunglasses

During the black friday saw Lazada got promotion for Ray ban sunglasses.  Spent too much so I didn't get for myself.

My colleague bought and let me tried it on.  Luckily didn't buy. Don't look best on me.  Went #Uniqlo and saw its sunglasses only $7.90.  Between black and tortoise shell, i chose the latter.

Cheap and good.  Now looking for a cheap casing for it.

#Hask hair products.

Something i will like to try very much.
The first time I managed to get the argan oil but gave to my mum to try.  Now all sold out.  Even at stores.  Hope soon I will be able to get it.  I find its oil quite good. Make my hair smooth and look slightly neater.

Thinking whether should buy this shampoo to try.  Not sure if there is any smaller bottles or sample size to get.

The hello kitty ez charm that people queue for it.

My colleague help her cousin to buy.  Should have ask her to help me buy a set so that i can sell them at profit.

More #Christmas decorations.

Pretty nice dress for CNY but expensive. Costs more than $35. Any idea where to get pretty and comfortable two year old plus girl dress.  Hope I can get one CNY dress for my youngest.

Packet wine from #MarksandSpencer.

Next time I am going to buy this for party.


Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas

Happy holidays!!


#Korean #ArmyStew

I did not heard of it before so when my colleague mentioned about it, i was super blur. Difficult to try with my husband as he may find it spicy.  So jio my colleague who has craving for it.

Forget to get its name. It is somewhere along tanjong pagar road.

The interior of the shop.

The menu that we are having.

The food.

The sides.

Overall i find it quite alright.  Not spicy enough.  Their noodles portion is also quite small.  We need to have 2 noodles and a rice.

Korean food is still not my favourite type of food.  And i find it rather expensive.  It costs around $37.  But a nice try.


Friday, December 23, 2016

Window shopping again

Browsing online shop is my favourite pastimes.  I can check out clothes and see any good deals.  Chirstmas season a lot of new arrivals.  Some are even suitable for chinese new year.

Here are some.


Cheap deal $29.90 for a wrap dress but no side pocket. Else will be good.

From #LoveBonito.

From #Dressabelle.

Anyway a lot are sold out.  Not much deals.

Have fun shopping.

Merry Christmas!


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