Thursday, May 18, 2017

Saturday afternoon walk - Kampong Glam

Saturday afternoon after my eldest classes and lunch, my husband and I tried to bring our eldest to do some walking.  It could be urban or rural walk.  This week we embark to a different culture trail.

We are going to Kampong Glam.

The beautiful Majid Sultan

The many small road.

On our way there.

A very hot and sunny day.

Passed by shop selling different spices.

Quite crowded and we miss the timing to enter the Majid Sultan.

There is a private Children little museum. $2 per entrance.  So here we are.  The entrance to the shop.

All the vintages.

Ticket uncle.

My eldest will loves to try the colour water!

Is it a vasper?

My youngest says is a baby bear so it needs a baby chair.

So many stuff to look at.

My eldest enjoys the typewriter.

Why is there a baby bear on this seat?

Toy shop within a shop?

Can i play them?

Still at the typewriter!

Can't bear to go.


Nice baju.

Back outside.  My pictures are almost as good as postcard! Haha.

In different alleys.

Side cafes.

Perfumes shop.

Trying a old school theme cafe.  All the kaya.

Mama, i want the cookies.

Interior design.

What we got.

Out walking again.

Malay Heritage centre. The kids are enjoying the water fountain.

For this, we also miss the visiting hours too.

However, we have fun walking around.  Not really pram friendly area.  After all the walk, we are ready for a early dinner and head home.  So lets go food hunting....

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