Friday, September 15, 2017

Our Tampines Hub: Orchid Bowl

Frankly speaking, i seldom bowl.  It is an expensive activites.  However, i feel is a sport that i can explore with my kids.  So when OTH starts a new bowling alley, here we are....

At basement one.  Just beside
Raman Makan Minang restaurant. Long waiting.  We waited and waited...

The kids running around..

Table top design.

Still waiting... Still running around.

Try out the bistro.  Many quick bites available.

Our sweet potato fries.

Finally we got our slot. Each lane is around $25 per hour.  Shoes rental is $1.50 per pair.

Trying out.  My eldest.

Helping the little one.

Our scores are 👎. Haha.

Try again...

Slightly better because we uses rails.  Haha.  Was a fun experience.  Will definitely try new sport together.  Looking forward.


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