Thursday, September 14, 2017

East Coast Park

Whenever the weather is too hot or my husband and I are too lazy for long walk, we will just make up with a much shorter walk.  I think walking around is very important.  It exposes my eldest to nature, exercise, curious etc.  Then my youngest loves walking eventhough she always ask us to carry her during the walk.  Finally we get to spend quality time together.

One of the weekend, we went to East Coast Park since we have no idea where to go.

Here at the water break, enjoying the seaview, sea breeze and sun set.

Having fun with sand and trying very hard to look for sea shells. Realised now the beach has less shells. 

Then we proceed to Marine Cove for a quick bite.  It is always very crowded there.  Quite a turnoff.  Maybe i should explore other areas of East Coast Park.  Tata.

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