Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Diy Fabric Yarn

Whenever I am free to pack my cupboards, i will try to clear clothes that i seldom wear.  Usually i will try to sell or donate away.  However recently I learnt that old clothes can be made to fabric yarn. Then can be used to make handicrafts such as shopping bags or accessories etc.

So i tried...  

Here is my first diy yarn.  

Another top to recycle.

Initially i tried to make it as a scarf necklace.  My husband 😔.

So i changed the design. Look better? Not really.

Diy fabric yarn.

With design.

End product.  Nice?

Another top to recycle.

Thus another design.  Headband or necklace.

Other simple designs that i can try.

I like these necklace cos it is safe when babywearing my second.

Hope i got time to do my handicraft accessories as i planned to give them as Christmas gift.  Hope i can make it.

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